Friday, September 30, 2016


It has been a long two years with many things happening, some good, some not so much.  For one thing, I have changed jobs completely, and that is very good.  I am able to do more sewing and quilting, and that is also good.  My spinning and weaving though have been moistly neglected, and I hope to remedy that.  I do this blog for me, so if I sound like I am talking to myself, I am.  If you care to join me, welcome, but I give no trigger warnings, pull no punches, and don't mince words.  That being said, politics will make few inroads here, I am trying to ignore the outer world when I can and concentrate on my art journey.  Only when I simply must get something off my chest and out of my head will I dredge up the seemingly hopeless world of hypocrisy and nonsense.  Cheers, and I am off again!


Yarrow said...

Yay, welcome back. I've missed your posts and I look forward to more online chatting. I've changed blogs as well and seem to write more on my Walking blog than in the Studio.
I hope you're well, take

Kim Gibson said...

Thanks! I have been busy and changing focus, and am now on a Mac, so I have to figure out the photo thing. I also plan to visit more blogs, and when I went to yours, a DEERHOUND? I love deerhounds, I have a dear friend who raises them and have fallen in love! The personality is wonderful! Poor Merlin, I hope things are going okay, I have a lot of reading to do to catch up. Cheers!

Yarrow said...

My dog is a wee version of a deerhound called a Lurcher. They're basically a mongrel designed for hunting small game, usually with deerhound or greyhound in the mix for speed. My boy is crossed with whippet, so he's quite small :D x