Monday, February 5, 2018

A Cat's House

All my furry babies.  They are contented to stay indoors, out of the rain and wind, and snuggle, and stretch, and be cosseted and petted.  Oh for the life of a cat in my house!

Saturday, December 30, 2017


I love gnomes.  I love in the hoop embroidery designs.  I love these.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Catmas

The cats of the household.  Pippin. Strider and Rufio. Xena. Rosie. Crosby.  My Furballs.  

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

That Christmas Spirit

I have been busily sewing and quilting, embroidering and knitting, trying to get gifts finished and ready for mailing and wrapping.  Planning the Christmas eve dinner, putting finishing touches on things, I love this time, I truly do.  A couple of minor surgeries on my leg (2 more to go) have taken some wind out of my sails, but the breeze has picked up, and I am back on track!

Lovely Deb at Seeking Lavender Lane has a drawing regularly to share her Favorite Things with her readers.  I was lucky enough to win December's box, and it was indeed filled with goodies.  They will make my decor better and prettier and softer..... thank you Deb!
The quilts are my latest, but some aren't yet done....they will get there, there's plenty of time!  

I can't put one up yet, the recipient visits occasionally.  I will post more as I can.  I would rather create right now than post!  I am sure you can relate....

Saturday, December 9, 2017

That Time of Year

It is time for the Gnomes and the colors are bright!  I have some more subdued ones waiting to be made, but these just happened.....

Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Faire

Another medieval event! Two in a month is extraordinary!  I spent a fair amount of time watching the rapier fighting.  They had lightning rounds, where the round can't be more than 30 seconds, and definitely the fighters fought differently.  There was an all out scramble to score and lots of wild thrusts and parries.  It was fun to watch, fast paced and exciting.

I also spent time with old friends, and met some new ones.  I tasted what may have been the most vinegary pickled veggies I have ever had!

And, of course, the shopping!  I commissioned a cup for my sister, she loves the one I got a year ago from Eadric The Potter,(thatpotteryguy on fb and Etsy).  I love pretty nearly everything he makes.   I also got my son (who might read this blog) a commission, though not from
Eadric, and John made it while I shopped around!  That is service! A few view pins and I was done shopping.  Not, however, done wanting!  There was much to see, cloth, fiber, furniture and jewelry.  Food, boxes, sundries and tapestries.   If it is medieval, or plausible, it was there.

I am back among the living, feeling good and busy as can be getting ready for the holidays.  My son comes to visit for Thanksgiving, and my daughter for Christmas.  I am lucky enough to have my sister here full time, and there are parties and concerts beginning to fill my schedule.  Making gifts, teaching classes and planning projects are in full swing.  I think i may need a day off for rest soon!