Saturday, December 9, 2017

That Time of Year

It is time for the Gnomes and the colors are bright!  I have some more subdued ones waiting to be made, but these just happened.....

Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Faire

Another medieval event! Two in a month is extraordinary!  I spent a fair amount of time watching the rapier fighting.  They had lightning rounds, where the round can't be more than 30 seconds, and definitely the fighters fought differently.  There was an all out scramble to score and lots of wild thrusts and parries.  It was fun to watch, fast paced and exciting.

I also spent time with old friends, and met some new ones.  I tasted what may have been the most vinegary pickled veggies I have ever had!

And, of course, the shopping!  I commissioned a cup for my sister, she loves the one I got a year ago from Eadric The Potter,(thatpotteryguy on fb and Etsy).  I love pretty nearly everything he makes.   I also got my son (who might read this blog) a commission, though not from
Eadric, and John made it while I shopped around!  That is service! A few view pins and I was done shopping.  Not, however, done wanting!  There was much to see, cloth, fiber, furniture and jewelry.  Food, boxes, sundries and tapestries.   If it is medieval, or plausible, it was there.

I am back among the living, feeling good and busy as can be getting ready for the holidays.  My son comes to visit for Thanksgiving, and my daughter for Christmas.  I am lucky enough to have my sister here full time, and there are parties and concerts beginning to fill my schedule.  Making gifts, teaching classes and planning projects are in full swing.  I think i may need a day off for rest soon!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Need Cozy!

Coziness is definitely the theme of the day.... I have been sick for a couple days, and am feeling in need of a roaring fire and a cup of tea with a good book.  Unfortunately, I have no fireplace, the tea is certainly possible, but reading, watching tv and sewing are right out because my eyes hurt!  Perhaps knitting a simple cowl or shawl, something I can do without looking at it.  Sigh.  How inconvenient.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Today I got to go to a medieval event for my kingdom, Crown Tourney.  This is where the next King and Queen are chosen, by feat of arms on the battlefield.  They serve as Prince and Princess for 6 months, a sort of training period, and then step up to replace the reigning monarchs.  There was good fighting today, and the victor threw some perfectly lovely shots in the semi-final and final round.  It was a victory well won.

I sat and sewed for the vast majority of the day, occasionally walking the site and seeing old friends, making new ones.  I have another event in two weeks.... one of my favorites, the Holiday Faire.  A great place to buy gifts and procure needed bits and bobs for the coming year.  My favorite merchants are always there, Gryffon Furniture, Eadrik the Potter, and others too.

I am grateful for the weather, grateful for friends new and old, and grateful that traffic was only moderately horrible!
Back to sewing and making Christmas presents and cleaning tomorrow.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Second Beauty Quilt

I like the colors of this one, and the fact that every bit of it is from my stash, and most of it from my scrap box.  I have so much fabric, I really need to complete stuff with what I have, not buy more.  It is so hard to work in a place with the coolest, newest, most colorful collections, and not just buy everything I see.  But I am trying to get rid of stuff that I don't need, and use up stuff I have, so here is one installment.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

First One Done

This is a design by Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery Designs, The Beauty Block.  It commemorates the eclipses of 2017,  memorable events, all!  For the solar eclipse, I was in an area with 94% coverage, and the sky certainly dimmed, but rather like a dusky evening.  The instructors at the Janome Institute I attended had eclipse glasses they lent us, so we all got to see pretty darn well.  There were several lunar eclipses as well, one was a blood moon, and spectacular in its own right.   With my sweet husband's and my service in the Navy, blue and gold was an obvious choice.... I do believe I like this!  I am working on a more colorful sample of this pattern that will be a wall hanging... and probably more as well.  These designs are well digitized and stitch out beautifully on my Janome 500E, I doubt not that there will be lots more to come.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Down the Street

In my very own neighborhood there is a wonderful place, not quite hidden from view, that I finally got to see up close.  I give you........Hobbiton!

For some reason the pictures of The Green Dragon aren't printing..... but that just gives me another post tomorrow!  Can you see Gandalf's mark on the door?